My name is Miranda Mottlowitz, CEO and Founder of Randa Rose LLC! Welcome to my site! 


Here’s a bit about me!


I’m originally from a suburb right outside of Chicago and I am the youngest of four girls. Currently, I am in the Art + Design school at the University of Illinois, minoring in business, and  if it wasn’t obvious enough, I love all things fashion. 


Starting Randa Rose is something I always knew I was going to do. I've been passionate about fashion and design for as long as I can remember and have found that when I’m working on a new design, everyday stressors seem to evaporate. 


Each of my pieces are one of a kind made by yours truly and filled with so much love! A lot of pieces are made using up cycled products in order to increase sustainability and make new and improved garments. 


I hope my clothes inspire you all to be bold, not only in your choice of fashion, but in life, and remember that a girl can do just about anything in the perfect hoodie. 



Randa Rose