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Walking Dead

This portfolio piece was created for the competition portion of the Fall 2022 Circular Fashion Expo. I was prompted to create a look made from as much recycled material as possible. The Fashion show took place on Halloween weekend so I wanted to make a Halloween inspired piece! 


I knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of creepy effect in at least one piece for the show.  This is when I thought of the long sleeves with the dragging wired pop tops at the end. The wired pop tops at the end of the sleeve added a creepy noise effect, hence the name ‘The Walking Dead’. The face piece was made from aluminum can pop tops that were woven together with gardening wire. The skirt was made from collected pop cans that were cut open and then flipped inside out. I actually made a matching top out of aluminum cans but I later thought of the long sleeve shirt idea. The skeleton cardboard piece was drawn out in Adobe Illustrator and then laser cut using recycled cardboard from the Sibel Center. My original idea was to use clear acrylic sheets that I found at the idea store, but I later found out they were too thin for what I wanted to use them for. 

Process Work

Laser Print

This is the laser print Adobe file illustrator and the printer cutting into the recycled cardboard used. 

Acrylic Cut Out

I originally wanted to use acrylic sheets for the form, but it was too thin and I did not love how it looked. This is the acrylic print. 

Painted Cardboard

This is the cardboard print painted before the graffiti writing was added. 

Aluminum Skirt 

These were some cans collected to make the aluminum can skirt

Drafting Process

Drafting process and marking the fabric. 

Cutting and Sewing 

Cutting the fabric to the top part of the piece and sewing :)  

Process Work

The top layer out on the fashion mannequin mid way, without sewed sleeves. 

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