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Sweet Tooth

This portfolio piece was created for the competition portion of the Fall 2022 Circular Fashion Expo. I was prompted to create a look made from as much recycled material as possible. The Fashion show took place on Halloween weekend so I wanted to make a Halloween inspired piece! 


What goes best with Halloween? Candy!!! Of course I had to create a candy inspired piece for a Halloween weekend show. I started off by creating candy resin molds made from extra resin I had from a previous project. I then decided I wanted the resin molds to link together to make the dress form. After looking around the Idea store, I found clear acrylic sheets I later laser cut to make a platform for the resin molds. This allowed me to glue the resin molds onto the acrylic platforms and  link each piece together. I then chose to use some extra marathon blankets my teacher had laying around the classroom for underneath the candy set and as the dress trail. 

Process Work

Laser Printer

This is an image of the laser printer cutting into the acrylic in order make the candy platforms for the two piece set. 

Candy Molds

These are the candy molds, made from excess resin, all dried and ready to be used. 


The construction of the piece began after the layering for acrylic and the candy molds. This is the process work without the under layer. 

First Fitting

The first fitting without the under layer of marathon blanket. 

Fashion Show Prep 

Me getting model runway ready for fashion show! 

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