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Angel Eyes

This portfolio piece was created for the competition portion of the Fall 2022 Circular Fashion Expo. I was prompted to create a look made from as much recycled material as possible. The Fashion show took place on Halloween weekend so I wanted to make a Halloween inspired piece! 


This piece was made using all upcycled materials. The dress is made from an old bra and 3 thrifted lace clothing pieces that I sewed together. I drew out the angel wings on Adobe Illustrator and then laser cut them out of recycled cardboard from the Sibel Center of Design. To finish the look off, I added some beading, embroidery, feathers, and chain, all of which were extra materials I had laying around from previous projects!

Process Work 

Laser Print

This is an image of video of the laser print Adobe file I uploaded and the Actual Laser Print process! 

Cut out Wings

A video of the cardboard wings right after being cut through the laser printer 

Gluing Process 

I doubled up the cardboard on each wing and I added thrifted lace fabric in between them. I piled on whatever I could find until the glue with dried. 

Video of the first fitting

First Fitting

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