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Hole in the Wall

This zero waste dress was created for my sustainable fashion course. I started this design out with a cotton jersey material, which I then decided I did not like. I found this green velvet knit material and fell in love. I create this piece more for the purpose of practicing sustainability rather than usability. I used as much of the fabric that I was given for this project, with the exception of extremely small scraps.I finished this piece off with some hand embroidery and chain work to bring out the coloring and accents in the piece. 

Process Work


These are the Croquis for the piece 


This is an image of the drafting for this dress. I created the shape I wanted to make out of paper! 

Draft 1 

I originally created this piece in jersey material shown here, but I later changed it because it was not giving the look I was going for. 


The dress before any chain and embroidery work. 


The First draft of chains with extra fabric strings draped. Also a video of my hand adding the chains. 

First Critique 

Images of the model wearing the dress at the first critique. 

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