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Fashion Diva

This portfolio piece was made from an upcycled jumpsuit in my sustainable fashion course. In class we learned the whole process of screen printing, which I incorporated in this project. I screen printed my design onto white fabric, which I then cut up and patched onto the slits of the jumpsuit. 


I wanted to create something that went along with my I.AM. piece along with creating someone someone felt confident wearing! I sewed together a pink glove and added feathers, studs, rhinestones, and other elements to make this piece really pop and fun to wear!

Process Work

Illustration File

The Adobe screen print file and printing it on the transparency paper. 

Screen Printing

Getting the screen ready to use, and actually screen printing on the white fabric used for the piece. 

IMG_7638 2.JPG

Fabric Outcome

Screen Print Fabric outcome 

First Fitting

First fitting of the jumpsuit.


TikTok and video taken at a photoshoot for the jumpsuit before final modifications were made. 

Final Critique 

Look at the Final Critique

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