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Pretty in Pearls 

The idea for this portfolio piece sparked after I went thrift shopping and found a pretty purple bra. I knew I wanted to make something out of it, so I decided to grab it and it led me to make this dress! All materials used for this piece are upcycled. The pearl bead strands are made from gardening wire and extra beads I had in my basement. The black fabric on the bottom of the dress was fabric found at the Idea Store in Urbana, IL. The purple bra was from Goodwill and the white embroidery thread was also bought at the Idea Store.

Process Work

Hand Stitching 

Hand Stitching the edges of the dress. 

Head Beading 

Hand Beading the pearl strands on the dress. 


TikTok's I have created in the process of making this piece. 

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