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B.T.W Baby

This look was made in my Experimental fashion course. We were prompted to make an ensemble out of tyvec that took advantage of the volume that the material allows.  I drew inspiration from the artist Lady Gaga who conveyed fashion fluidity.  I wanted to incorporate the accentuated hips and shoulders to represent both male and female power roles. 

The tyvec that was given to me was black and a weird yellowish color.  I knew that if I were making a lady Gaga inspired piece it need to stand out!  That's why I immediately went to the store and bought some spray paint. I made a laser cut stencil of the Born This Way Album logo so I could utilize that in the look aswell

Since tyvec holds shape so much I wanted to make this look as BIG as possible. In the end lots of volume came through. 

Process Work


Fast draft sketches with the silhouette of the piece 


A paper draft of the long sleeve portion of the piece

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting the cardboard piece to say Born This Way so I can spray paint onto the tyvec

Spray painting in Progress

Spray Painted pieces before they were put together


This piece was picked to be in a mini exhibition that was in the Art and Design Building at UIUC

Figuring out Volume

I had to attach a hooper to keep the volume in the skirt while it was being worn

Final Critique

Final fitting

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